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3 Health Reasons to Cut Dairy From Your Diet

The saying that “you are what you eat” really is true. Everything that you put into your body contributes to the way that your body and mind functions on every level. So while that hot cup of cocoa or the big plate of cheese and crackers might give you some momentary satisfaction, they probably aren’t […]

Periodontal Disease: Three Surgical Treatment Options

Periodontal disease can develop over time due to poor oral hygiene practices. In addition, some individuals are more susceptible to gum infections due to pre-existing medical immune conditions, smoking, medications and even genetic traits. Generally, periodontal disease occurs when oral bacteria interacts with food debris in the mouth. If the oral cavity is not cleaned, […]

Pyoderma Faciale: What You Need To Know

Pyoderma faciale is an unpleasant skin condition that can affect young women. Doctors sometimes refer to the problem as rosacea fulminan, and patients must often put up with severe symptoms. Learn more about these symptoms, and find out what treatment options a family doctor can offer. Symptoms Pyoderma faciale is a severe form of acne that […]

Could Pilates Heal Your Neck Pain?

Pain in the neck can be caused by a huge variety of things, including poor posture, a repeated movement that strains the neck, sleeping on an unsupportive pillow, or work that uses the upper body – and when you experience it, it is no fun at all. If you have taken medication for the pain […]

Reasons Why You Should Get Dental Implants

If you have recently lost your teeth as a result of an accident or injury, a dental implant procedure might help you regain your missing teeth. The surgery for getting dental implants is relatively quick and mostly painless due to the high amount of anaesthetic used. It’s also possible to get dental implants if you […]

How to Know if Partial Braces Are Right for You

Straightening your teeth used to involve large, unsightly, uncomfortable braces that would take years to work, while being tightened every few weeks or months. Today there are many other options available to both teens and adults for straightening teeth, including partial braces or trays that straighten only the front teeth in a matter of several […]

Top Myths about Losing Weight

Whether you have just begun a new training program or you are simply considering losing weight, it is likely that you are already bombarded with tips and advice from friends or the internet. Even so, a significant amount of information may be completely inaccurate and can even increase the risk of injury. Here are some […]